The PHABLABS 4.0 project will use the existing facilities of the Fab Labs ecosystem. During this project we are going to focus on 14 pilot Fab Labs in the 10 participating countries. Once the model is proven, the Fab Labs all over Europe – numbering over 400 and growing - will be able to use the developed material for free and to purchase the toolkits at low-cost ensuring a rapid scaling of the project impact.

Pilot Fab Labs will organize the field tests of the “Photonics Workshops” and “Photonics Challenger Projects”  in their Fab Lab.  In some of the region we opt to work with more than one Fab Lab to cover all the target groups.

Name City
ViNN:Lab Wildau
Tinkerers Fab Lab Castelldefels
Science Centre Delft Delft
OpenFactory Saint-Etienne
Maker Space of NUI Galway Galway
M-LAB Vilnius
FabLab Milano Milano
FabLab Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
FabLab Erpe-Mere Erpe-Mere
FabLab Brussels Brussels
Fab Lab London London
Fab Lab Graz Graz
Fab Lab Barcelona Barcelona
Muse FabLab Trento Trento