The strength of this project is the teaming up of local photonics organizations with local Fab Labs. In PHABLABS 4.0 this teaming up will happen within 11 regions across 10 countries. This will be a representative number to provide critical mass which will ensure the successful further roll-out to other regions.

The consortium is made up of 11 photonics partners, 1 non-for-profit organization (EYESTvzw) and a Fab Lab oriented company FabLab Factory. Along to the consortium also 14 Pilot Fab Labs will be strongly involved in this project. Each partner of the consortium have specific contributions to the project, in reaching together the different objectives of the project.

The PHABLABS 4.0 consortium comprises 11 top-level photonics partners that have been selected on the basis of:

  • Their long-standing cooperative efforts and dynamism in the framework of EU-funded outreach and innovation projects.
  • The mutual complementarity of their joint photonics capabilities and expertise
  • Their mutual understanding, respect, trust and full support during earlier EU-funded projects and during the preparation of this proposal
  • Their strong desire to enhance the European Fab Labs ecosystem with photonics in close collaboration with them.

The 11 PHABLABS 4.0 photonics partners will each work out “Photonics Workshops” on a specific photonics topic and a “Photonics Challenger Project”, resulting in a comprehensive suite of 33 Photonics Workshops and 11 Photonics Challenger project.  Each of those PHABLABS 4.0 photonics partners will team up with Fab Labs in their region to assist in the testing and roll-out of the “Photonics Workshops” and “Photonics Challenger Project”.  Thanks to those 11 photonics partners we have a wide European spread of this test phases.