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Prof. Averil MacDonald


Special attention will be given to create gender-sensitive material for the “Photonics Workshops” and “Photonics Challenger Projects” that can grab the interest of girls and have a lasting impact on their personal relation to science, technology and Fab Labs.

Responsibility for this work will be taken by Professor Averil Macdonald OBE, Professor Emerita for Science Engagement, University of Reading, and Diversity Lead for the UK SEPnet (South East Physics Network). Professor Macdonald is a non-executive director of WISE and has a long career developing teaching and training resources focused on supporting and encouraging girls in science.

WISE is a Community Interest Company which promotes opportunities for women in science, technology, engineering and related fields in the UK. (www.wisecampaign.org.uk). The Community Interest Company was formed in 2011 to carry on the legacy of the UK Resource Centre on Women in Science, Engineering and Technology which had been funded by a government contract since 2004 (the UKRC). WISE generates income from membership fees, sponsorship, training, consultancy and website advertising. Projected turnover for the year ending March 2016 is £610,000, a growth of 50% on the previous year. As a Community Interest Company, we have no private shareholders. All money raised is used for public benefit – to increase opportunities for girls and women in science, technology and engineering. There is an asset lock in the Articles which ensures in the event of the company being wound up that any assets would be distributed to another not for profit organisation with a similar objective.

WISE has doubled the number of organisations in membership of WISE over the past 12 months. We support our members by sharing best practice in how to attract, retain and advance girls and women in STEM. We create role models and champions through annual WISE Awards and through giving opportunities to our members to speak at schools, colleges and in the media to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

WISE has a long track record in promoting science study and careers to women and girls. This includes a project in partnership with the Technician Apprenticeship Consortium to promote engineering apprenticeships to girls and other under-represented groups, funded by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering and the high profile People Like Me project (spearheaded by Professor Macdonald) which has introduced a revolutionary approach to enabling girls to see that science study and careers are for people like them.